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Using Subversion in Ant

I had a bit of a problem getting SVN to work within Ant in Eclipse on a Windows machine. SvnAnt can use Java JNI to connect to some SVN DLLs but I couldn’t find where to download the DLLs. It can also use the command line version of SVN. I found the latter simpler to setup.

  1. Download SvnAnt
  2. Unzip it to somewhere
  3. In Eclipse goto Window > Preferences > Ant > Runtime > Classpath Tab and add the SvnAnt jars to Contributed Entries. The SvnAnt jars are in the lib directory of the SvnAnt download
  4. Download and install a command line SVN client like Silk SVN
  5. Add the location of the SVN command line client to your PATH environment variable (by going to Control Panel > System > Advanced Tab > Environment Variables Button. Use a semi-colon to seperate it from the existing entry)

More info on the SVN Task.

Sample build.xml:

[sourcecode language=’xml’]


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