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My iPhone App Picks

Finding good iPhone apps amongst all the not-so-great apps out there can be time consuming. Here’s some of the apps on my iPhone:


NoteMaster – used as a replacement to the built-in Notes app

  • Syncs with Google docs. You can easily backup your notes. You can type the longer notes on your desktop.
  • Supports landscape mode – far quicker to type in that mode.
  • Supports limited formatting and images. Since it doesn’t support the full formatting on Google docs, it’s not that useful.

HanDBase – relational database, useful for storing a lot of structured information, like website logins, itineraries etc.

  • Databases can be encrypted so you can store sensitive information.
  • You can sync with your desktop if you buy an extra desktop application.
  • Available on other platforms like Windows Mobile.
  • Has some minor bugs.

Task Pro – hierarchial lists, I use it for to do lists, shopping lists etc. Lists can be hierarchial so it can handle a certain amount of complexity – for example – you might want to plan a project with it.


National Rail – national rail journey planner

  • Can save routes for quick access.
  • Live departures including platform numbers for most stations.

Zuti – offline tube planner. It could be better but it does the job – would be better to show route stages in one go, and you have to click on a drop-down to bring up the estimated time for the route.

London Bus – kind of like TFL’s journey planner, useful for non-tube journey planning

  • Can lookup an address from your current position.
  • Doesn’t always find routes.

Offline reading

iSilo – for reading websites offline. You can download a free desktop application, which you can setup to spider whole websites to read offline. For example I have it setup to spider the Sunday Times every week and then I can read it in the tube.

Byline – for reading RSS feeds offline. Caches the webpage content so you can read it offline though it’s very slow to render pages so if I have internet access I use Google Reader in Safari instead.


Good Reader – A very good PDF reader.

Stanza – ePub reader, I prefer PDFs because of the better formatting.

Kindle – it’s finally arrived in the UK.

Social & Communication

Facebook, LinkedIn

Twitterific – simple twitter client.

Triallian – IM client, supports AIM, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo and Google Talk but not Facebook. Has desktop version too.


PdaNet – For teathering your iPhone. (only available for Jailbroken iPhones on Cydia).

BT Keyboard – can use a bluetooth keyboard with the iPhone. (only available for Jailbroken iPhone on Cydia).

WiFiTrak – for quickly finding out about available open wifi networks, even trys to connect to a web page to check if there is web login required.

Mindjet – mind mapping software. You can share files with the very good Tablet PC version.


TouchTerm – SSH client.

VNC Lite – VNC client.

iDesktop – windows remote desktop client.

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