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PHP, Apache, Windows 7, The connection was reset, php5ts.dll

I moved my PHP installation from c:\Program Files to c:\apps because the space was causing problems with Symfony command line scripts. For many hours when I tried to run a PHP page I got:

The connection was reset

When I looked in Windows Event Viewer it said that php5ts.dll had crashed. I tried installing a different version of PHP and reinstalling Apache but that didn’t work. It turns out the problem was that the PHP path in the Path environment variable should have been at the start, I had moved it to the end when I moved the PHP installation. You will need to restart the computer for the change to take effect.

Apache, Eclipse…

BTW if you are having problems installing Apache on Windows 7 try installing it within the Administrator account. User access control causes a lot of headaches during development. I also found you had to run Eclipse in administrator mode for it to work properly. Without it, it can’t write to it’s own directory because it’s in c:\Program Files.

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