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Calling Grunt from Ant

I’ve been using Apache Ant to deploy to servers for a number of years but I’ve been using Grunt for client-side development recently. Before I package up my website and deploy to a server I might want to minify the CSS and Javascript and that’s where Grunt comes in.

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Using Ant to build iOS apps for ad-hoc OTA distribution

I was over in Ireland for Christmas and I needed to do some work on an iPhone app but I don’t have a Mac laptop. I couldn’t get a hackintosh working on my Windows laptop that would run XCode 4. Initially I tried remotely accessing my Mac Mini with a program called iRAPP. It works like Windows Terminal Services so it’s a bit better than the built-in screen sharing (VNC). My broadband connection in Ireland wasn’t brilliant so there was quite a bit of latency but SSH worked fine so I decided to create an Ant script that would upload my source files to the Mac Mini and compile and deploy it to a server so I could install the app on my iPhone using ad-hoc over-the-air distribution.

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Compiling Flash files in Ant

If you have FDT (an actionscript Eclipse plugin) you can compile your FLAs using Ant. But you first need to set the location of Flash in FDT settings by going to Window > Preferences > FDT > Tools > Flash in Eclipse and entering the location of flash.exe in the Flash IDE text box (it will probably be something like C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3\Flash.exe). This will compile the FLAs in Flash – it would probably be faster if it used a command-line compiler like the one that comes with the Flex SDK but I haven’t looked into integrating this yet.

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Using Subversion in Ant

I had a bit of a problem getting SVN to work within Ant in Eclipse on a Windows machine. SvnAnt can use Java JNI to connect to some SVN DLLs but I couldn’t find where to download the DLLs. It can also use the command line version of SVN. I found the latter simpler to setup.

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