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How to do X in Swift?

When writing Swift code you’re bound to come across things that you might have been used to doing in Objective-C but haven’t a clue how to do in Swift. Below is a collection of gotchas I came across.

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RestKit and Swift

RestKit is an iOS library that helps when working with REST web services. It will convert your classes to/from JSON and integrates with Core Data.

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Check if a configuration profile is installed on iOS

Configuration profiles can be downloaded to an iOS device through Safari to configure the device in a certain way. You can do things like force the user to set a passcode or set restrictions like not allowing them to install apps or not allowing access to Safari.

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Comparing iOS and Android Development

Having created an Android version of my iPhone app Grocery Cook I thought I would share some thoughts on the differences between the two platforms. To boil it down, Android’s language of choice, Java is better than iOS’s Objective-C, but iOS has a more comprehensive API. Having full desktop Java on a mobile device is quite nice but you tend to have to create more code to make up for the holes in the API.

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Using Ant to build iOS apps for ad-hoc OTA distribution

I was over in Ireland for Christmas and I needed to do some work on an iPhone app but I don’t have a Mac laptop. I couldn’t get a hackintosh working on my Windows laptop that would run XCode 4. Initially I tried remotely accessing my Mac Mini with a program called iRAPP. It works like Windows Terminal Services so it’s a bit better than the built-in screen sharing (VNC). My broadband connection in Ireland wasn’t brilliant so there was quite a bit of latency but SSH worked fine so I decided to create an Ant script that would upload my source files to the Mac Mini and compile and deploy it to a server so I could install the app on my iPhone using ad-hoc over-the-air distribution.

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