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iOS – backward compatibility

I recently added local notifications to an iPhone application, which are new to iOS 4. Since it was only a small part of the application I still wanted it to run on iOS 3.

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My iPhone App Picks

Finding good iPhone apps amongst all the not-so-great apps out there can be time consuming. Here’s some of the apps on my iPhone:

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Developing iPhone apps on a Toshiba Protege m200 laptop

I wanted to have a go at developing an iPhone app without having to go out and buy a Mac so I managed to setup a Hackintosh on my Toshiba Protege m200. Below is how to do it. Having set everything up I found when rebooting for the 2nd time that I lost network conectivity so it’s best to download all your apps like Firefox after you’ve installed the iPhone SDK and before you shutdown or restart the computer. I got most of this information from this forum post. I haven’t been able to get an application working on an iPhone so I think this setup is only useful when targetting the simulator.

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