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Check if a configuration profile is installed on iOS

Configuration profiles can be downloaded to an iOS device through Safari to configure the device in a certain way. You can do things like force the user to set a passcode or set restrictions like not allowing them to install apps or not allowing access to Safari.

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Wireframes and iOS Click-Through Prototypes

I think wireframes are an important step at the start of a mobile app or website project. They can also be useful for working out a fixed quote for a project. Once yourself and the client have agreed on the wireframes you’re pretty clear what the project scope is. This is how I create wireframes.

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Threads and handlers in Android

On iOS you can get away with not being too concerned about the responsiveness of the UI when doing things like saving to the database but on Android the slugishness is noticeable. This is the scenaro – the user taps on a UI control which starts an operation that takes a small but noticeable time to complete – you are basically trying to avoid a non-responsive UI. If the operation is fairly short you can get away with using a Handler. This allows you access to the main UI thread’s message queue. If the operation is a bit longer, say a second or more you would want to use a thread.

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3 Tier Architecture For Mobile Development

As a way to learn mobile development I made an iPhone app which I subsequently ported to Android. I felt it important to at least support 2 platforms so that I would learn how to design apps with cross-platform in mind from the start. I’ve come to the conclusion that 3 tier architecture, which is familiar to those in enterprise web development, would be useful in dealing with the cross-platform issue.

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Comparing iOS and Android Development

Having created an Android version of my iPhone app Grocery Cook I thought I would share some thoughts on the differences between the two platforms. To boil it down, Android’s language of choice, Java is better than iOS’s Objective-C, but iOS has a more comprehensive API. Having full desktop Java on a mobile device is quite nice but you tend to have to create more code to make up for the holes in the API.

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