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Using Ant to build iOS apps for ad-hoc OTA distribution

I was over in Ireland for Christmas and I needed to do some work on an iPhone app but I don’t have a Mac laptop. I couldn’t get a hackintosh working on my Windows laptop that would run XCode 4. Initially I tried remotely accessing my Mac Mini with a program called iRAPP. It works like Windows Terminal Services so it’s a bit better than the built-in screen sharing (VNC). My broadband connection in Ireland wasn’t brilliant so there was quite a bit of latency but SSH worked fine so I decided to create an Ant script that would upload my source files to the Mac Mini and compile and deploy it to a server so I could install the app on my iPhone using ad-hoc over-the-air distribution.

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Android – backward compatibility

As a web developer I’m used to getting stuff to work on a number of different browsers. With the web and mobile phones, software has become available to a far wider audience so I think one should take advantage of that strength. With both the iPhone and Android version of my mobile app I targeted the current OS version but implemented it so it would degrade gracefully for previous versions of the OS. In the Android version I set the minimum Android version to 1.6 because that is the minimum requirement for in-app purchases.

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Adding Android’s source to Eclipse

Sometimes it would be nice to click on an Android class and be able to see the source in Eclipse. You could download the source using Git but you then have to rearrange the Java files. The following is the most straight forward way I have found.

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iOS – backward compatibility

I recently added local notifications to an iPhone application, which are new to iOS 4. Since it was only a small part of the application I still wanted it to run on iOS 3.

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Developing iPhone apps on a Toshiba Protege m200 laptop

I wanted to have a go at developing an iPhone app without having to go out and buy a Mac so I managed to setup a Hackintosh on my Toshiba Protege m200. Below is how to do it. Having set everything up I found when rebooting for the 2nd time that I lost network conectivity so it’s best to download all your apps like Firefox after you’ve installed the iPhone SDK and before you shutdown or restart the computer. I got most of this information from this forum post. I haven’t been able to get an application working on an iPhone so I think this setup is only useful when targetting the simulator.

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